Thursday, October 8, 2020

How to handle stress in your 4 sectors of life?


How to handle stress? No one human being exists in this earth he/she has no any stress in their life. But when stress give distress and pain it affects our both physical and mental health and due to this negative emotion many type of life style diseases start tolling in our life.

In this article we will discuss 4 most important sector of life in which maximum stress produce---

  1. Money:

Money is one of the biggest and important elements to induce stress in our life. At the start of the day when you get up and brush your teeth to end of the day when you go to sleep, in every steps of life we need money, now a days you cannot live without money,  what happen if someone has little or no money, simply it generate tension to live their life.

You can ask how much money you need to reduce stress. There is no right answer to give how much money anyone needs, it totally depends on your desire, and your desire will decide how much money you need to live.

Next how you reduce your stress against money? You can reduce stress either you increase your income if you have higher desire or you lower your desire if you unable to increase your income.

How do you lower your desire? Let me give an example; what happen when we go to the market for shopping, we would have purchased 10-12 items according to our pre planed list, but we purchase extra 4 items, in this way our cost goes higher and saving become lower, incase when you fall in bad phase of life, like; you become ill or your job or business goes down that time you will need money and on that occasion if you don’t have money you must have to face stress and tension.

Not only in our younger age, even when you become older you will require enough money to live stress free life. At the older age you must keep your money safe, do not hand over to your closer one, because if you would not have money then no one will value you and in other way around if you have money and asset each one of your family member wife, son and daughter will look after you, cherish you and respect you. Although money will keep you stress free at the end of your life.

    2. Jobs:

Jobs are the second element in our life which is the stress generator. In our one third of our life we involves ourselves in jobs, if this period of time we are not happy or enjoy our jobs then it will affect our life mostly, so how stress generate in our professional life?

Let me give one good example, one software engineer may think he has to sit all day in front of computer and work in a stressful environment, it can brings several health issue like spondylitis, diabetes, hypertension etc., it would be better if he/she become a doctor, because a doctor earn more money and social respect so doctor’s life is better than other professional.

Other hand, a doctor what does think about his profession?  He may think a software engineer career is better, because his company provides AC car, different types of other benefits and at the end of the month he gets large amount of salary, so if he would be a software engineer life become fun.

Similar way, what does a husband think about his wife? Perhaps house wife does not have much to do, she hire mate or servant for house work, all days seeing movies and expense money, so her life is happy, it would be fun if he would be a house wife. Other way a house wife also think his husband has nothing to do all day, after office he can take rest but she has to take care of his child, cooking, etc. etc. whole day, so his husband’s life is better than her.

Hoped you realized the original issues in jobs, each one find happiness in other’s job that would not give you happiness and peace until and unless you able to find enjoyment in your own jobs, so whatever you do you just do with love and enjoyment, otherwise if you have a better option you try to find out your preferable jobs which one you like best.

3. Family:

Family life is very important either to mitigate or hike stress level, to do such you have to find out others member’s like and dislike. According to this you need to balance your family life, as an example, your wife love shopping, in that case if you like it or not, at least you should not express your dislike before your wife, because everyone may have different view at every aspect, so you do not have any right to criticize and disrespect it, you may disagree with any family member’s views or opinion but cannot suppress their opinion, it creates most of the family issues and brings chaos and stress, so do maintain positive family culture, respect on any occasion of life.

4. Health:

World become useless and worthless if you are not healthy, so health imparts a huge stress in anyone life, not only you suffer when you become ill, with you your all family member relatives also suffer emotionally and financially.

To stay fit and healthy you have to follow balance diet and healthy life style, when you healthy you could not understand the importance of health, so take care your health before you inflicted number of diseases, it gives you pain and no one can share it, only can give courage, treatment, hope etc., but as a victim you will lose your health, money, love, prosperity, ultimately life.

If you take knowledge from this article, I think this is not enough, you have to follow these 4 items seriously, and then only I will be able to contribute something in your life to live a quality and stress free life.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

The Great Philosophy of eating Natural Food

  • It is misnomer to call fresh vegetables and fruits as Raw Foods. Those are in fact Sun Cooked, ready for useful consumption. Sun, which is the source of all energy, and without which there would have been no existence in the world, have it’s by powerful rays, enshrined in vegetables, fruits and cereals all those necessary elements, fundamentally required for body building, repair and maintenance. It is a great pity that we in our ignorance interfere in the designs of God and instead of eating those foods in their natural form as intended by HIM, we subject it to heat which destroys 80% of the valuable elements in it and then consume it with pride thereby subjecting ourselves to untold misery. It must be clearly understood that the entire misery of Mankind is because of cooking and drugs.

  • After the creation of Universe everything that has been evolved whether inert or lives has a chemistry of its own. Several elements have been synthesized into certain fixed proportion which gave it some color, shape and quality. Take for instance water. This is the creation of two gases hydrogen and oxygen, mixed together in the proportion, no water can be formed. This is true of everything we see in this whole creation. If this unchangeable law of God is understood with all its implications it becomes very easy to understand and imbibe the great importance and necessity of eating for healthful living.

  • As explained above water is composed of certain elements in a fixed proportion, similarly the live cells of our body are made up of certain elements in a predetermined proportion. It therefore becomes clear to anyone who can apply his brain and mind that for the proper and healthy growth of the live cells, for their maintenance, proper functioning and repair those very elements, which have already been set apart by God Almighty, must be provided to the system and nothing else. This is therefore the pre-requisite if we wish to possess a healthy mind in a healthy body. It is very simple to understand and does not need any elaborate explanation. A healthy cell can only be formed with certain elements in fixed proportion already ordained, nothing less and nothing more. We must therefore act most assiduously and continuously, like a sprude scientist working in a laboratory, who very precisely mixes different elements and produces the desired materials. We have therefore to be very vigilant to allow those very elements to go down our throats which go to make the healthy cell resulting in a healthy free from any ailment, full of energy, vitality and strength. Whenever we break this eternal law and which we do every day, knowingly and unknowingly, we suffer the consequences and become afflicted with agony and pain. The law takes it own course and does not spare anybody who breaks it.

  • Everybody knows, even a small child, the fire burns, destroys, and incinerates. Because of this, knowledge we always keep away from fire and never put our hand into it because we know, it will burn. Its shape, color and utility will be lost and to save the other parts of the body it shall have to be amputated. It is a common knowledge that when anything is put into the fire, the five elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether of which, it is composed of, goes into the air and a little ash remains, which is of no value. We see every day that when we put a dead body in fire, it is fully consumed in flames and what are left behind are some broken pieces of bones and ash. When you enter into anybody’s house and if something is being cooked in the kitchen, you at once smell it. From where has the smell come? The useful elements in the food are vanishing into the blue sky leaving behind a residue devoid of nutrition. These five elements have reached you and have made you aware that some particular food is being cooked.

  • This is most surprising that in spite of this knowledge, what to take of the ordinary people like us, even the most intelligent people, highly advanced intellectually and spiritually, throughout the world, consume their food after it is burnt, cooked, roasted and processed in thousands of ways. Nobody stops and thinks why he is doing this. What is the purpose behind cooking and processing? Science has advanced tremendously. Can anyone produce some evidence to show that when vegetables and cereals are put on fire their nutritional value is enhanced? Has any scientist written any thesis on this? To my knowledge there is none. The evidence on the other hand is to the contrary. All the known vitamins, Enzymes, trace elements are immediately destroyed by fire and much of the nutritional value is completely lost. The chemistry and quality of other elements such as protein, calcium, phosphorus etc. undergoes a considerable change thereby making those things indigestible or hard to digest.

  • Trace elements i.e. elements in very small percentage, just in traces play a very important role in the system, we have in our system many elements in bulk while there are some which are only in traces. For an instance, it is said that the iodine required in our system is so little that it can come one a pin head. But even this small quantity is very necessary for the proper functioning of the body. An instance quoted by someone is most revealing. The scientists analyzed the sea water. Some trace elements they were unable to decipher as those were in very small quantity even incapable of being handled, and were thus kept aside. They then synthesized and elements they had investigated and made the sea water. Live fish were then put into it. Those fishes immediately died. Then at the suggestion of one of their assistants, the trace elements kept aside were put into the water, live fish placed into it again and those were found to be happily living. This puts the value of trace elements at the top. These are completely destroyed by fire leaving the food deficient in the essential elements.

  • The human body can be rightly compared to a factory where different units are independently working but are coordinated with one another. In our system, lungs, heart, liver, kidneys, the digestive organs, gall bladder, brain, lymphatic system, blood circulatory system etc do their allotted task and keep the body living and functioning. For its proper working it must fed with the right type of raw materials. If in a textile factory Egyptian cotton is used as raw material the cloth produce will be of very fine texture. If on the other hand ordinary or defective cotton is used as raw material the cloth produce will be rough and shabby. The same is true of the human factory. Feed it well and it will produce the best results. Neglect it as we are doing today the results are bound to be disastrous.

  • If the department of industry comes to know that the raw materials supplied to a certain factory are defective and below standard there is a hue and cry, the persons responsible are accused of negligence and brought to book, whereas those who commit most hineous adulteration in the raw materials necessary for the proper working of the human Factory often go scot free. In the present century there is no dearth if individuals and organizations who are ever engaged in devising everyday new methods of degenerating natural food stuffs and to concoct and offer for sale in most attractive package the most ridiculous eatables for sale.

  • Such individuals and organizations are not interested at all whether people live or die or suffer untold misery by consuming foodstuffs processed and manufactured by them, which are different in nutrition, their primary aim is only amass wealth for their personal gains at the cost of innocent millions. It devolves on every one of us to be alert and vigilant and not get entrapped in their clever maneuvers and thus save ourselves from the calamities that will befall us any time in life hereafter if we consume their products. If we follow the golden rule to eat only what is produced in the Factory of God in its natural form and not to touch anything manufactured in the factory form and not to touch anything manufactured in the factory of Man, everything becomes easy and beneficial.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

How to Keep Your Brain Calm in Adverse Situation?

How to keep your brain calm in adverse situation? You may think this is not easy for anyone to keep brain steady and cool, but it is possible by way you thought and adopting some good practice and habits. Here, I am going to show how it can happen-

Once, an employee of a reputed multinational company, had been working as an accountant, suddenly he felt uneasiness in his chest, he cannot sleep at night well, cannot remember a simple things, and he was becoming angry with very small trigger. Different physicians he has been visited and they had given him different suggestion, but all that was in vein. Then one of the physicians suggests him to go and visit psychologist and psychiatrist, after diagnosis Dr. came to conclusion that, in his office work he had made a major mistake, since he was under major stress problem. And this stress brought him many physical symptoms. After appropriate treatment he cured after sometime and returns back in his as usual natural life.

Sometimes in our life, something happen which is totally unexpected or may someone die very close. In this situation our mind fall in big trouble to manage with such situation, then inner of the mind induce some imaginary pressure which is called stress. This is not only a psychological problem it also bring the physiological symptoms, and this is happen due to some chemical imbalance in our brain and different symptoms are traced- Rapid palpitation, abnormal breathing. Then we feel our body in big trouble and we become more anxious about it. We generally feel physical problem, but the source of problem is psychological we should keep in mind that. The following symptoms of mental imbalance are-

  • Excess fatigue
  • Forgetfulness
  • Suddenly angry
  • Loss of control
  • Depression
  • Loss of ability of right judgments
  • Loss of attention
  • Deprive relationship
  • Bad mood
  • Feeling uneasiness

  • Beside this psychological problem some physical problems also arise. That’s why, to become a mentally healthy we need to remember what should we do or don’t in our life?

       What should we do?

         Meet, talk with close one:

  • First we should increase meeting with new and good people, although they may be relatives, friends neighbor and colleagues etc, through this we feel better. If we spent time with them our stress and depression will deprive at certain level.

       Make good bond with family:

  • We need to make excellent bond with our family because we can relive our depression by sharing our problem. We should dinner together and go out for short travel by this way we can relax our mind and body both.

       Use your spare time with some passion:

  • To divert our mind we should do something we prefer to do, but for some reason we unable to do it, in that case we have to take out some spare time for playing or reading something that we love or passionate about. Likewise someone may like play football but he cannot play for his excess office jobs, other one may like reading but he/she cannot take out time for his busy schedules. That’s why when we feel depressed we should do something which one we like and that can help our mind to stay calm and peaceful.

       Take adequate amount of rest:

  • Adequate amount of rest can help us to stay fresh and healthy, most of the time we are busy in our life and we cannot take sufficient rest but that can be effortful to keep our mind calm in adverse circumstances, and to do so we need to divide our job schedule into small time line, otherwise at the end of the day we may feel pressurize.

      Maintain healthy balance diet:

  • For a healthy mind, healthy food plays very crucial role, if we eat junk food or fast food then our stress lever may rise, that’s why, if we mentally feel uneasy we should have eat healthy food.

      Maintain continuity in daily life:

  • Maintain same daily life at any situation of life either you like or dislike, if you maintain so, then you feel easy and do not detach yourself with the outer world, which can make you alone and stressful.

       Chose one good hobby:

  • Chose one passion, in which you get much pleasure to engage yourself, may be someone like drawing, painting, singing, playing any game etc, just tries to find out your mind’s stuff which can entertain you in your spare time and try to attach with them at any situation.

       What shouldn’t we do?

      Keep away from bad addition:

  • We should not addicted with alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine etc in adverse situation, likewise when we feel tense we smoke cigarettes or take tea frequently, this is not beneficial for mental and physical health.

       Do not do excess hardworking:

  • In adverse situation, someone may think if they emerge in more work, they can forget everything’s. But fact is that, it would not help much and beside it can bring physical injury for excess working, then both physical and mental disturbance arise. All that we have to do is proceed slowly and take some time to overcome such situation.

       Don’t detach with good habits:

  • When we feel upset , generally we stop talking with others and eating more or less amount food, and make conflict with others unnecessarily, watching TV more and using mobile and tab excessively, which is totally should avoid in the mean time of mental trouble, we need to do that, in what we feel better and contentment.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

How Yoga can change your life and lifestyle?

In this history of humanitarian age, yoga capturing his own eminent place. The effect of yoga has been spreading day by day around the globe. The meaning of yoga is simple, is ‘do connect’. The centre of this excise has impact in our both mind and soul, and through this practice sometime mind can meet with the soul or sometime separate with each other.

The yoga has classified based on specific time, and following are the classification of yoga.

Pre Classical Yoga:

In this yoga, the culture of Hindu religions and Buddhist regions are reflected and through this both mind and soul meet together.

Classical Yoga:

The main purpose of this yoga was separate the body and mind to purify the soul.

Post Classical Yoga:

The ultimate aims of this yoga is to synthesis the old process of yoga’s rules and regulation with new life style, and fulfill the human life through different type of exercise, meditation and appropriate diet.

From the beginning to till date different type of yog has invented, like as-

Bhakti Yog-

In this yog the importance has given to the spiritual part of life, so the physical activities are very rare in this type of yog. The only purpose of this yog is to attain the spiritual satisfaction by doing so.

Karma Yog-

In this yog, the disciplines are given so much importance. The karma yog play a big role to bring the person towards the universe through flourish ourselves.

Gyan Yog-

The aim of this yog is to get together three things mind, body and soul.

Raj Yog-

Through practicing this yog, man can control over his mind and this yog play crucial role to live quality life, anyone can control his mind through different type of asanas and meditation.

Kriya Yog-

This is the oldest yog among others, and the key way to attain wisdom. Now a day’s some nation are misleading this yog process, likewise they follow some odd type yoga, named bear yoga, hot yoga etc.

It is actually ruin the whole yoga process, and leaving the negative health impact on human body and mind.

But now people are more health conscious than earlier and they should study the real yoga process in this digital age, this is why 21 June is being followed as yoga days around the whole world, and day by day more people engage themselves into yoga to get much more health benefits together body and mind.

For this reason now a day yoga trainer could be taken as a profession, because many places require this professional. So this is the golden time for all health conscious people to do the B.Sc and course to enter the career life, because yoga can have both amazing health impact and carrier impact as well.

Career in Yoga:

  1.       Research Officer (Yoga and Naturopathy).
  2.       Instructor of Yoga Aerobics.
  3.       Assistant of Ayurved Doctor.
  4.           Yoga Trainer
  5.           Yoga Teacher
  6.           Holistic Councilor
  7.       Research officer of Yogic Science
  8.       Assistant Yoga Therapist
  9.           Assistant of Clinical Psychologist
  10.           Yoga Therapist
  11.       Therapist and Naturopath
  12.           Trainer of Different Health Club

After all, we can recognize the importance of training of yoga and for this reason yoga teacher’s demand are increasing in our society. Bsc and Msc degree are becoming popular and they have a descent opportunity to get employ at any public, private and social organization.

Appropriate and right techniques are very much necessary practicing yoga, rather than it could bring different kind of health hazard. So trainer, teacher is playing their role to teach large number of people in our country as well abroad.

Beside government, common people also has to play their role for different kind of awareness programme to promote the yoga, because there is no doubt that yoga can reduce the medical budget of any person, family and even nation

At the end we realize that yoga can improve our all kind of personal life, professional life, social life etc., and the quality of life would be better if we can incorporate this into our daily life.  

Thursday, May 2, 2019

How to control Anger Instantly?

How to control anger instantly? | Anger is kind of negative emotion and it creates in our destructive portion of the brain. Most of our problem born from the anger and as a result we suffer in every aspect of our life, just like as personal life, professional life and social life.

Why people angry so much?

  • The main reason of anger is when things or situation not comes in favor of us we become angry
  • Then other most important reason is mental pressure, when mental pressure increase our patient level decrease, then we lost our ability to think logically, because our brain do not work properly, it flows with the negative emotion, it trigger our anger violently.
  • Most of us think our enemy is spotted outside all the time, but we forget to think about anger, which is our main enemy and situated and hide within us. Before anger controls us, we should control anger.

Some situations which trigger our anger:-

  • When person unable to clarify anything
  • When someone insult or hurt our mind.
  • When people do not kept their given promise
  • When someone do not want to understand our feeling, desire and problem
  • When our partner do not work in office as per our direction
  • When we are in hurry and not having enough time
  • If someone betrayed us or cheated us
  • If someone do not behave with us properly
  • When situation become obstacle to achieve our aim
  • When other person annoyed us

Effect of Anger within us:

Scientific Change-

  • Excessive adrenalin secretion
  • Increase blood pressure or hypertension
  • Pulse rate become higher
  • Blood vessel become stiff
  • Excessive acid secretion in our stomach
  • Rate of breathing become higher
  • Excessive sweating
  • Reduce immunity power.
  • Increase amount of fat in blood
  • Neck and back pain
  • May create angina in chest
  • Ultimately heart attack

Behavioral Change-

  • Create mental stress
  • Ear become red
  • Tear in eyes
  • Screaming
  • Nose bleeding
  • Unable to speak
  • Loudly cry
  • Threaten others
  • Insulting
  • Throw slang language
  • Making irrational jokes
  • Oddly laughing
  • Tendency to breaking any kind of stuff, or hurt himself
  • Tear book, paper or home appliance etc
  • Slap
  • Stop talking for certain period of time

Result of Anger:

  • Lost close friend
  • Deprive family relationship, even may divorce
  • Loss in business
  • Create stressful circumstances
  • Poor health and disappointment
  • Create number of enemies
  • Excessive hatred
  • Ultimate court case

How to Control Anger?

There are three methods I am going to discuss but firstly I would like to discuss instant method.

1. Instant Control:

  • When trigger anger, leave the place making any suitable excuse.
  • Try to control your mind using simple tricks, just as start counting 10, 9, 8, ---1, 0. Anger will slowly down
  • Drink one glass of cold water
  • Try to concentrate on your breathing and take deep breath
  • Try to walk calmly and count your steps
  • Take one mirror and see your angry face then try to calm down and give one smile
  • Try to control your loud voice when you feel anger

2. Behavioral Control:

  • Every person has different angle of thought process and they have right to express it, and they firmly believe that their thought is right.
  • Try to control and reduce mental stress by relaxing your mind.
  • Try to avoid such person or situation that makes you angry.
  • Try to understand and listened other talks and feelings.
  • Try to understand the problem every situation will not come in favor of us all the time.
  • Learn to forgive others, because mistakes are common things as a human being.
  • Try to understand logically, it might happen we need to change ourselves.
  • If we do mistake then don’t forget to ask for forgiveness.

3. Long term healing:

  • Do meditation everyday at least 15 minute
  • Do pranayam and deep breathing exercise
  • Read spiritual books
  • Try to introspect on your behavior and attitude
  • Try to accept the people or situation ‘the way they are’
  • Don’t blame others. Take responsibility

What we should do if someone angry before us?

  • Listen to him carefully, as like, you are understand and supporting him from your mind and heart.
  • Don’t angry just keep patient.
  • Angry person is more like a child; he needs love and attention just as mother does her child.
  • We need to realize, angry person lost all their rational thought, they could not differentiate between right and wrong, that’s why just listen to him till he become calm down and don’t try to argue with angry person.
  • If you can’t control yourself then you can move away by making any excuse, and you just say, want to discuss later.

Benefits of reduce your anger:

  • Good relationship builds up in family, office and society.
  • Enemy become good friend
  • Less possibility of becoming divorce
  • Good physical, mental and spiritual health
  • Prosperous mind and happiness

Finally we fully convinced that anger is our negative emotional state, we can overcome it by practicing and changing our negative habits and thought.
Because it is very much essential in a bigger prospect of our healthy life