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How to be happy 24X7 in your life at any situation?

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How to be happy 24X7 in your life at any situation? There are some way where every human being want to happy in their life, but most of us have disbelieve about these two words the comfort and happiness, if you are rich, if you have enough money then you can buy comfort.

Let me give you some example like if you have money you can buy anything you want but those only can give you comfort but all the time happiness does not lies into comfort because person can make their life comfort by purchasing different type of gadget but happiness is a beautiful  feeling which generate from the pure mind, that’s why we see person are millionaires, billionaires and even trillionaires but they have every gadget in their life but most of the time they are unhappy

So there are some tips how to become happy 24x7 in your life.

  • By showing gratitude:

Gratitude is such word who cannot stay together with unhappiness in our life, if we believe what god has given us we are mush happy with those things then you can show gratitude to the supreme God think about that what we have to live our life that’s enough what others are dream to have those things but yet not they possessed, so feeling of gratitude always make us happy and prosperous in our life whatever situation might be.

  • By lowering upper desire:

Higher desire and much expectation from the life lead us unhappy, for instance we can realized if our expectation become higher, then our happiness automatically decrease because all the time what we want, may not we achieved but if you reduce your expectation your probability will be increase to be a happy, so happiness is inversely proportional with the higher desire and expectation if one increase means other must be decrease, so from that formula if we decrease our expectation means we can make us happy by remember this simple equation in life.

What better example I can give you if you look a baby after born he only need his/her mother to be happy, but after grown up sense his/her desired list increase like friend, gadget latter on carrier, family and so on, so when your desire increase obviously happiness will decrease by increasing your duty and responsibility.

  • By changing attitude:-

First and foremost things is positive attitude which has a great role to make your life peaceful and happy, because  in our life what happen around us is merely 10% and how we react towards the situation is mostly about 90%.

But we human being mainly focus on our outer world, if anything happen in our life we blame others, do not take the self responsibility of what happen to us mostly about bad things.

Because our attitude and behaviors our responsibility we generally make responsible others, by that way we never can change our negative attitude, because this type of attitude leads us angry and make our life unhappy, its became kind of our negative trait we consider it is itself a human nature, its cannot be change, but this is the basic difference between machine and human being, human can make choice at every steps in their life which is not possible for machine.
Attitude itself is 100% who can make you, break you or whatever possible you will be by changing your attitude.

  • By doing Meditation:

We generally take care of our physical health which is visible and neglect our mental health because it is not visible and shuttle, but one thing we need to remember that mental health is more important than physical health if we believe or not it is true in this present digital age most of the chronic diseases (diabetic, High blood pressure, uric acid etc.) arise from the stress and which is cause by the ill mental health.

Meditation plays a great role for our mental well being as well as physical well being. If you do this daily after certain period of time you can realize its benefits, one thing is very important to say about meditation is consistence after a while you can feel all its benefits, it has uncountable benefits but some of them are calm mind, patient, sharp and rewiring the brain, decrease stress, anxiety and depression finally you can choose your attitude what it would be either positive or negative by that way you can leave your life fully with happiness.

  • By doing exercise, yoga:

As like as mental health it is also important to take care of our physical health, that’s why everyday exercise or yoga help you to become fit and how long you maintain your fitness you will not be inflicted no of diseases and keep you physically strong enough to do your daily duty and responsibility. A physically unfit person cannot give best output at their any personal field or professional field, which can make them worry and unhappy.

  • By Setting a Clear Goal:

Small or big whatever may be, but goal is very important for a human being for not only become very much successful person or earning money, we have a misconception about the success because we believe success means earn lot of money, but as per my view what person dream or want if they achieved that means he is successful, though it is not one time process, it is a continuous process, that’s why we have to set at least short term goal and long term goal, to engage ourselves in our vision and attained the true success which keeps you happy all the time. If person do not have any goal he more like a vagabond he does not know where to reach, if at the end of your life you worry to think about that why not you become successful then I what to say we have no right to say unsuccessful without setting a goal it simply means we expect what, what even we did not tried or put our best effort to achieve it. So goal is necessary to become success and happiness.

  • By making a good hobby:

In our busy life we engage our time by doing mostly professional work and family related job but we forget we are human being we need some spare time to think about ourselves but very rare time we do this because most of our time we do what is our duty and responsibility apart from that we need to do some lovable thing what our mind like because this way we can get much pleasure for a example if you plant any tree and after long take caring of them one day when you see this tree are giving fruit or flower , on that time you will feel amazing like you are creating something, creativity is such things every human being seek for that.

These are the trick  to make your life peaceful and happy but one thing we need to remember all are depend on us either we like to be happy or unhappy always keep smile in our face because smile is a simple signature of god who sign at our face, so keep smiling and be happy.

final word we hope this article will help you how to be happy in your life 24x7 at any situation.

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